1. Position Evaluation

This reflects the latest corporate information on your company as well as the detail of the brief covering the role, responsibilities, and what the ideal candidate will look like. The position specification is an important document as it provides the core information on the role and the company, which we supply to select sources and candidates prior to you meeting them. It also identifies the key selection criteria against which we will assess all candidates.

2. Pre-Screening – Initial Target List

We will start by identifying individuals who fall, in the broadest sense, within the range of criteria you have identified. We will research both competitor organizations as well as organizations that may have an individual working in the same capacity but with a varied title, as well as candidates poised to undertake a career move to this level.

3. Candidate Selection and Presentation

Following our initial interviews, we will report to you on our progress and findings and agree on a selection of people to be interviewed by you. We will submit written reports on each of the individuals who are recommended for consideration as well as all supporting information including resumes and interview notes and references.

4. Arrange Client Interviews and Feedback

We will arrange interviews between you and the selected candidates at times that you give us, and then follow up with each candidate after they have been interviewed, for feedback at each interview stage. In that debrief, their level of interest in the role is ascertained and any concerns that they may have are addressed.

5. Offer and Acceptance

Appropriate reference checking will be undertaken and negotiation of the offer to the successful candidate, including resignation advice. All unsuccessful candidates will be managed appropriately. In the event that the candidates are not acceptable, or the offer is declined, TAS will continue to work on the assignment.