Direct Entry Captain

Our client has the industry-leading pilot compensation package. Earn up to $245,415 in first-year compensation, and a bonus package of $175,000+


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A good place to launch your career in aviation using the organization as a springboard to a more lucrative career with a major airline

Direct Captain

Take Your Career to New Heights

Your path to the world’s largest airline begins here. You’ll be on a direct career path to American Airlines as soon as you are hired.

Check Your Qualifications

ATP requirements

Logged 950 FAR 121 or 135 hours under the ATP requirements or the restricted ATP requirements.

Total Flight Hours

At least 2,500 hours of total flight time

Multi- Engine Turbine

Do you have at least 500 in a multi-engine turbine, either at least 500 as a Pilot in Command or at least 1,000 hours logged as a Second In Command?

Other Qualifications

1) First Class Medical.

2) FCC Restricted Radio Operator's Permit.

3) Able to obtain a valid passport.

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